I am a BELIEVER. I carry that name with reverence and humility.

Yes, I am called BELIEVER… not FEELER, for I am led by what I believe and not what I feel. Many times my feelings take a back seat to the things I believe. Emotions can be wonderful… they can manufacture feelings of euphoria and deep satisfaction, but they can also create feelings of hopelessness and depression. I will not be led by them… because I am a BELIEVER.

I am called BELIEVER… not UNDERSTANDER, for I believe many things that I do not fully comprehend with my mind. Believing is an action of the heart and spirit and not one of the mind and brain. It is sometimes seemingly irrational and illogical to my understanding, but it is what I do… because I am a BELIEVER.

I am called BELIEVER… not SEER, for I do not have to see with my eyes what I say I believe in my heart. I believe a story that has been passed down by word of mouth and by the written word from generations past. I am thousands of years removed from the events and people that have created faith in me. I do not have video footage or photographs lending visible proof to the things I believe in. Yet, I still trust and hold on tightly to stories and teachings that have changed my life and the lives of so many others… because I am a BELIEVER.

Gone forever are the days when I was called DOUBTER, SKEPTIC and UNBELIEVER. Others may mock me because of my child-like faith in an invisible God whose love I confess to have experienced. Many do not understand why I am so passionate about an unseen kingdom and about truths that I believe must be accepted and adhered to in order to find true peace and happiness in life. I might even make some people uncomfortable by making my confession and claims of faith, but I cannot apologize. I have come too far to shrink back from this life of faith… it is my cornerstone and foundation… it is who I am… I AM A BELIEVER.

John 3:16 (NIV)
…whoever BELIEVES in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


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