I was talking to one of my customers on the phone today. At first, it was all business with discussion about a project I was working on for her. But, after a few minutes, the conversation took a beautiful turn. We began to talk about what God was doing in our lives, personally. It was almost a testimony time. Then, without any forewarning, my customer went from talking to me, to praying to the Heavenly Father on my behalf … completely seamlessly. There was no change in vocal tones … there were no flowery words. She prayed for God’s gifts in me to be manifested and utilized for the kingdom. She prayed for my family, their safety and protection and for needs to be met. She prayed for my ministry and my business. I could tell by the way she prayed that she had touched the Father’s heart with her prayers on many occasions past. It was obvious that she had spent time in her prayer closet. What a blessing it was to hear the prayer … and to feel its effects as God’s peace flowed over the telephone line to me.

Tonight, while I was at a prayer meeting, I was reflecting on the beauty of the prayer prayed on my behalf a few hours earlier. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with what had transpired in those moments earlier. Kingdom business had taken place. I wept as I prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving for my sister in the Lord who allowed the Holy Spirit to use her in such a beautiful way. I cried to the Lord, “Thank YOU for allowing me to be part of Your kingdom! Thank YOU for the beauty found in Your people, no matter the distance between us” (this customer lives in central Florida and I live in North Alabama). Prayer was not diminished by the hundreds of miles separating us. The kingdom of God within her touched the kingdom of God within me. Yes, the kingdom of God is a beautiful thing. I prayed with fervor, “Lord, use me in this same way to touch others in Your kingdom with words of encouragement and prayers on their behalf. Use me to do Your kingdom business.”

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, you are part of something so incredibly special … THE KINGDOM OF GOD! Jesus told His disciples, “Don’t look ‘here’ or ‘there’ for the kingdom of God, because it is WITHIN YOU.” At the age of 12 years old, Jesus told his parents, “Didn’t you know that I must be about my Father’s business?” There’s a job for each of us to do. Use your gifts to bless others. If you don’t know what your gifts are yet, there’s at least one thing you can do to participate in kingdom BUSINESS … you can pray, just like my customer, my sister in the Lord, prayed for me over the phone today. I felt God’s touch through her prayer. We can all do that much. We can pray for others, both out loud and in our personal prayer time. Do some kingdom business today … PRAY FOR SOMEONE.


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