A miraculous event happened in the life of a man named Cornelius. An angel appeared to him and told him to send some men to get the Apostle Peter and bring him to his house. Cornelius did as the angel instructed, and Peter came and preached to Cornelius and his family, and they were all saved as a result (Acts 10).

Now, here’s a question: Which event would be more fantastic, more memorable, more earth-shaking to you… a visitation from an angel, or a visitation from a preacher who had a message of eternal significance? Which of these two events is the real “miraculous event”? The EXTRAORDINARY visit from the perfect, heavenly angel, or the ORDINARY visit from the earthly preacher… the man made of flesh… riddled with imperfections… the man who 3 times denied he knew Jesus? It was the message from the ORDINARY man that changed Cornelius’ life and altered his eternal destiny, not the EXTRAORDINARY visitation from the angel. So, remember this: in your pursuit of an EXTRAORDINARY God don’t overlook the ORDINARY people He uses… and the EXTRAORDINARY message that they deliver.


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