Isaiah 43:25
“I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake, And I will not remember your sins.” [God speaking]

Why do I forgive people when they do me wrong? I do it for the same reason God does it… FOR MY OWN SAKE. Yes, I know that forgiving is the “right” thing to do. Yes, I know that forgiving releases the offender from having to pay for their sins against me. Yes, I know that I make the world a better place by offering forgiveness to others. But when none of these reasons seem to work, I do it FOR MY OWN SAKE.

Unforgiveness is a darkness within my soul… but I love light, so I will forgive. Unforgiveness is a heaviness and a bondage… but I love freedom, so I will forgive. Unforgiveness creates a sadness in me… but I love to be cheerful, so I will forgive. Unforgiveness is an ugliness within me… but I’m a lover of beauty, so I will forgive. Unforgiveness is a sin… but I am called to be pure and holy, so I will forgive.

Why does God forgive us of our wrongs? Not just for our sake… He does it FOR HIS SAKE. God can’t carry unforgiveness because it is sin… and HE CANNOT SIN… HE IS PURE AND HOLY.

Some might say, “If He doesn’t hold unforgiveness toward anyone, why does He still send people to Hell?” Fair question. Do you understand, though, that you can offer forgiveness to someone without them receiving it, in the same way you can give a gift to someone without them ever opening the gift. It is not the “gift-givers” fault if the receiver won’t accept the gift. The gift-giver did the “right thing” even if the receiver didn’t.

God offers us forgiveness, and it would be wise for us to receive it. But, even if we refuse to receive it, God remains forgiving… FOR HIS OWN SAKE.


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