In John chapter 5 we read about the Pool of Bethesda where miraculous healings took place. There were dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of sick and afflicted people who sat around the pool waiting for the waters to be stirred by an angel of God. As the story goes, the first person to enter the pool after the stirring of the water would be healed of their disease. Jesus met a man there who had been lame for 38 years and had hoped to be healed of his affliction as the waters were stirred. Unfortunately, because he was lame, he was not able to move quickly enough to reach the water in time as the waters were stirred. Someone always got ahead of him, and he had NO ONE to help him. Imagine that. The answer to your problem is just a few feet away, but you can’t get to it, and NO ONE will help you get to it.

Jesus passed by dozens of other sick and afflicted people on that day and healed this one man. It is not recorded that Jesus healed any of the others at the Pool of Bethesda that day. I’ve often wrestled with this story, knowing that Jesus could have just as easily healed all of the sick and infirmed there, yet chose to heal just this one man. I don’t understand all of the reasons behind this, but there are two very encouraging realities that we are left with:

1. Jesus is interested in helping individuals, not just multitudes. Wasn’t it He who said that the shepherd will leave the ninety-nine sheep who are safe to go out and find THE ONE that is lost? Yes, God so loves “the world”… but He also loves “you.”

2. Jesus is known for offering help to those who have NO ONE else. When Jesus is “all that you have” you are in for a blessing for sure!

So, be encouraged today by these truths. Jesus loves YOU as an individual, and will make you feel like you’re the only one in the room even though you’re surrounded by a multitude. He will pass by dozens and even hundreds of others who have help from other sources so He can get to someone who has NO ONE.

Psalm 142:4 (NIV)
Look and see, there is NO ONE at my right hand; NO ONE is concerned for me. I have no refuge; NO ONE cares for my life.


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