A friend of mine, who does contract labor, was telling me about a job his company was about to do. This particular job is a little bit dangerous, considering all the work will be done 40 feet up in the air. He said, “None of the younger guys wanted to do it, so I got nominated for the job.” I asked, “Why, are you not afraid of heights?” He replied, “Oh, I’m afraid of heights … but I’m not afraid of the money!” That made me laugh. He said, “The higher up you go the more they pay you.”
I think the same holds true in God’s kingdom … the higher you go, the greater the reward. The more you overcome fear, the greater success you’ll discover in your daily walk with God. Isn’t that what happened for Peter when he saw Jesus walking on the water? He overcame his fear for a moment and walked on the water to Jesus. He’s the only flesh and blood human to ever do that! It was a short-lived success, unfortunately. As the fear of the wind and waves captured his heart, he sank, and cried out for help. Still, his story is forever remembered because he stepped out of the boat and momentarily overcame his fear.
The kingdom of God is not set up for weaklings and cowards, as some worldly people suggest. It’s designed to create fearlessness and confidence in the heart of those who are children of God. The scriptures are replete with admonishments to the believer to “Fear Not.” Fear keeps us from experiencing the rewards God has for us. Remember … the more fear you overcome, the more success you’ll experience … that’s a kingdom truth.
Luke 12:32
Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.


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