While I was talking with a lady many years ago, we got into a discussion about the goodness of God. I remember her saying, “When I talk about how good God is something comes over me and I almost can’t contain myself!” There have been many occasions in my Christian experience where I have felt this very same way. There is a popular worship chorus by Chris Tomlin called “Good, Good Father” which has an incredible effect on me when I hear it or sing it.

I was thinking about the goodness of God recently, and asked the Lord why the mention of His goodness creates such a powerful effect in people. I believe these are things that He spoke to my heart in reply to my question:

There is divine energy released when TRUTH is spoken out loud. Jesus himself told of the great power that TRUTH possesses when he said, “The TRUTH will set you free.” The greater the TRUTH that is spoken, the greater impact and effect that it has. There is NO GREATER TRUTH that can be spoken than these 3 simple words “GOD IS GOOD.” It is the most perfect and pure TRUTH that exists. When you speak it in your life, and over your situations, you are releasing the power of divine TRUTH that “sets free.”

My Prayer for Today:

“Lord, thank You for this word of truth! Lord, You see the world I live in that is so enamored with lies and deception. I often ask You ‘Why are so many people sad and depressed’ and You remind me ‘Because they haven’t received the truth.’ Truth is so rarely proclaimed or heard. Lies have no power to give hope, joy, light or peace, but when I speak Your truth a great power is released, and the greatest truth I can release into this world is this……GOD IS GOOD!”

Psalm 86:5 (NAS)

For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, And abundant in loving
kindness to all who call upon You.


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