I’m amazed by the amount of insomnia (sleeplessness) that people experience these days. Every other commercial on TV advertises some new sleeping aid that’s out on the market. One of the most quoted scriptures in the world (Psalm 23) actually has an answer to this dilemma. Just one verse after “The Lord is my shepherd…” we read, “He makes me lie down.”

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but sheep are very skittish animals. When you see a sheep “lying down” you know that sheep has a GOOD SHEPHERD. There are 3 things in particular that must take place before a sheep will LIE DOWN.

1. They must know that there are no predators nearby.
2. They must be free from all irritating pests.
3. They must be completely free from hunger.

If any one of these elements is missing from the equation a sheep will not LIE DOWN. The same holds true for us “skittish humans.” That is why Psalm 23 is so meaningful to us… we are just like sheep.

1. For us to be able to go to sleep we must know that our enemy can’t harm us. Good News! Jesus defeated our enemy when he cried out from the cross, “It is finished!” No need to lie awake in fear at night! “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.” Psalm 4:8

2. All pestering thoughts must be removed. Worry is a huge sleep stealer. Jesus takes our worries away from us so we can experience REST. He is the one who said,  “I am meek and lowly of heart and you will find rest unto your souls.” Matthew 11:29

3. Finally, for us to find rest and sleep we must know that our needs are met. After all, it’s hard to sleep when you’ve got a growling stomach or when bills are stacked to the ceiling. Once again we find a promise in Gods word that He will “supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

If you’ve experienced difficulty getting to sleep at night, stop counting sheep… and just be one! The Good Shepherd will bring you rest.


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