In the beginning God created man out of a handful of dirt. But the man was not alive until God INSPIRED (meaning, breathed into) him. So God INSPIRED man, and man became a living being, and lived in a garden called Eden with his wife. (Genesis 2:7)

There was a serpent who also lived in the garden of Eden. Along came Satan and he CONSPIRED (meaning, breathed together) with the serpent to deceive the newly formed man and his wife. (Genesis 3:1)

Because man disobeyed God’s command to not partake of the forbidden fruit, God put a curse on the work of man’s hands and said that he would PERSPIRE (meaning, breathe out through the skin) from his hard labor on the Earth all the days of his life.  (Genesis 3:19)

Man was no longer INSPIRED (meaning, breathed into)! But, God had a plan to restore man back to good relationship. He sent His son to Earth to die for man’s transgression.

After Jesus had died on the cross and rose from the dead He met with his disciples in a house and RESPIRED (meaning, to breathe again) upon them and said “Receive ye the Holy Ghost.”  When Jesus did this man was once again INSPIRED. (John 20:22)

So, in a nutshell, this is how everything TRANSPIRED…….


• Satan CONSPIRED against us

• As a result man PERSPIRED

• Jesus RESPIRED upon us

• We receive the Holy Spirit so we can once again be INSPIRED.

I’m INSPIRED…how about you?


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