One morning, while on my morning prayer walk, I found the remains of a large moth. When I saw how cool it looked in its decomposed state, I inwardly wished that I could see what one looked like while it was still alive. Less than 12 hours later, my wish was granted when my wife came through the back door of our house exclaiming, “You should come see the beautiful moth in the back yard!” I went out to look at it, and there was a living specimen of the moth I had seen the remains of earlier in the morning. What a blessing! (An answer to a wishful prayer).

So, after doing a little research, I discovered that it was a Polyphemus moth. Probably the most interesting thing I discovered about the Polyphemus is that its adult life span lasts for only FOUR DAYS. Yes, you heard correctly … FOUR DAYS!!! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Life is short!” The Polyphemus brings new meaning to this old adage. I wonder if the Polyphemus knows that the moment it emerges from its cocoon it only has FOUR DAYS to live?

That got me to thinking. What would I do and how would I live if I knew my lifespan was only FOUR DAYS. Surely I would do my best to make every single day count. Surely I would not carry unnecessary weights and burdens. Why would I burden myself down with worries and cares if I only have FOUR DAYS to live? Wouldn’t that be nonsensical? What a waste of a FOUR DAY lifespan to spend any of that precious time worrying about insignificant things!

Friends, the Bible tells us that our lifespan is “like a vapor” (Psalm 144:4). It’s like a breath exhaled upon a mirror which leaves condensation for a moment and rapidly evaporates. James 4:14 tells us quite bluntly, “You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Our lives are too short to spend precious, valuable time being worried and fearful about things that are outside of our control. No! Life is given to us to be enjoyed to its fullest by the Giver of Life.

So, take a lesson today from the Polyphemus … live your life to its fullest and don’t waste time worrying about things that don’t matter. After all … LIFE IS SHORT!


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