I conducted a chapel service at an elementary school a couple of years ago where I asked for 10 volunteers from the audience. When I had all 10 kids standing in front of me I said, “How many of you like Snickers candy bars?” They all eagerly raised their hands. Then I said, “I’m about to conduct an experiment. Hold out your hand and I’m going to give you a Snickers candy bar.” Smiles abounded. I then placed a fun-size Snickers candy bar into each child’s outstretched hand. When all 10 kids had a candy bar in their hands I turned around and said, “The experiment is over, you may be seated.” There were questioning looks directed at me as the children took the Snickers bars with them to their seats.

What those children didn’t know was that the goal of the experiment was to see how many would say “Thank you” upon receiving the candy bar. Interestingly enough only one child said “Thank you” when I put the candy bar in his hand. I then told the audience what the goal of the experiment was, and what the results were. A couple of the teachers in the audience looked upset that their kids didn’t say “Thank you” after receiving the candy bar. But I told them, “Please don’t get upset. You see, the results of my experiment are the same results that Jesus got when he healed the 10 lepers in Luke chapter 17. Only one returned to give Him thanks.” I then proceeded to tell the story of the 10 lepers to the children and admonished them to always give God thanks for His good gifts.

You may very well be a part of a similar experiment today. God will be sending good things your way… dropping little blessings of His love and favor directly into your hands, just waiting to hear simple words of appreciation come from your mouth. What will your response be?

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NAS)
In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


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