The other day somebody told me I was “past my prime.” I wasn’t sure what they meant… it sounded like an insult, but I thought I’d look up the word PRIME in the dictionary just to find out what the definition is. I’m so glad I did!

I found out that, in painting, when you PRIME something you are putting an undercoat of paint on the surface to cover defects and flaws so that the final, lasting coat of paint can be applied. I also found out that when you PRIME an engine you are getting gas to it so that it can start easily and run smoothly. Last, but not least, I also discovered that, in mathematics, PRIME numbers are numbers that are only divisible by themselves and by the number one.

After putting all of this information together I realized that person was not insulting me (wink, wink)… they were complementing me!

You see, I am no longer showing an undercoat of paint that simply hides all of my faults and defects, because I AM PAST MY PRIME. I have my final coat of paint on that shows my lasting and true colors.

I no longer have need of people pumping gas to my engine to try and get me up and running, because I AM PAST MY PRIME. My engine is finally running smoothly and efficiently with little need for “cheerleaders and superficial motivators.”

And, finally, I am no longer a number whose sole interest is in itself, who has made itself #1, because I AM PAST MY PRIME. I care about a number of others whose lives I try to enrich and encourage by intermingling my interests with theirs.

Yes, I am past my prime, and it feels good. Are you past your prime yet?

Psalm 92:14 (NIV)
They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.


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