In pursuit of a beautiful sunset

There’s many a backroad I’ve traveled.
It matters not if the road’s “on the map”,
Or if it’s freshly paved, or just graveled.
Yes, there’s many a road that I’ve gone down
Some enjoyable… some – not so fun,
But, the potholes and bumps are quickly forgotten
When I get a glimpse of the Sun.
If you know me, you know there’s two meanings
To the road and the sun of which I speak.
The “road” is the pathway of Life we are on,
And the “sun” is the One we must seek.
One day, our journey will have ended
Pain and tears be remembered no more,
When we get a glimpse of the Son on the Throne,
And we stand on that Heavenly shore.
Til then, I’ll search for the beauty
On this road until my journey’s done,
And one thing that I know for certain…
I’ll never stop pursuing the Son.


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