I was talking to a lady one Saturday afternoon who had visited the Holy Land. Now, that’s something that I think would be really inspiring… to actually WALK WHERE JESUS WALKED. Just imagining that the very place I was standing might have been the very place that Jesus stood and preached, taught or healed someone… what an incredibly, inspiring thought.

When the lady told me of the souvenirs she had purchased on her trip to the Holy Land I remembered the time I purchased a true Bible artifact at a traveling Bible exhibit. It was a “mite” from Jesus’ day that had been excavated in the Holy Land (like the Widow’s Mite from the Gospel Story). The reason I bought it? It was just the thought of being able to HOLD SOMETHING THAT JESUS MIGHT HAVE HELD in His hand.

Yes, to WALK WHERE JESUS WALKED and to HOLD WHAT JESUS HELD… what an awesome thought!!

As I was thinking along these lines, this thought came to me: You may not be able to WALK WHERE JESUS WALKED, or HOLD WHAT JESUS HELD, but you can always SAY WHAT JESUS SAID (because we have His words written in the Bible) and that should affect us and inspire us more than anything else! Just think, when you say the Lord’s Prayer “Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name…” you are saying the very same words that came from Jesus’ lips! What an incredible thought! None of His words were impotent or random… they were powerful and full of meaning. When I speak His words I’m not just rehearsing a part of history, I’m also impacting my current situations with His life-transforming words… and that’s the most awe-inspiring thought of all!

Luke 4:22 (NIV)
All spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his lips.


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