When blood stops flowing from the heart to the brain the result is classified as “clinical death.” I’ll say it this way: “A person is dead when there is no longer activity between the heart and the brain.” Isn’t that interesting! Our brain is so totally dependent upon our heart that a glitch in the connection between the two can cause death. If we take this knowledge into our soul/spirit realm it can give us greater understanding about how we are wired by God.

We live in a world where so much emphasis is put upon the brain (our mind), and our ability to think and reason. Not nearly enough emphasis is put on our heart, the core of our being where belief and faith grows (i.e. our spirit). When we over-emphasize our minds at the expense of our spirits we lose that vital connection that God put within us that makes us “run.”

In our physical body, the brain is dependent upon the heart for survival. The flow of blood to the brain makes it function the way God intended. The same holds true in our spirit. Our spirit is the center of who we are and should supply the necessary power and strength to the rest of our being. But, when the mind becomes the focus and center of who we are the correct connection is lost…. in essence, the heart is disconnected from the head. The result? A walking dead man!

Our brain and mind is not the center of who we are. People who live out of “their head” and not out of “their heart” are not functioning the way God intended. Life comes from the heart and from the spirit within. The head (mind, brain) can receive life from the heart but it has no ability to give life. This is why you can tell when somebody is “speaking from their head” versus “speaking from their heart.” Life is imparted when someone speaks from their heart – you can sense it. So remember, your brain (mind) is built to be a responder to your heart… don’t get that turned around.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine HEART; and lean not unto thine own understanding [BRAIN, MIND]. 


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