Mark 4:35
On that day, when evening came, He [Jesus] said to them [His disciples], “Let us go over to THE OTHER SIDE.

When we’re in THE MIDDLE of our circumstances it’s hard to get a picture of what is on THE OTHER SIDE. In the case of the verse above, Jesus and His disciples were crossing a lake at night when a violent storm broke out in THE MIDDLE of their journey. The storm was so bad that the disciples feared for their lives. The disciples awakened Jesus from His sleep, He arose and rebuked the storm with the words “Peace, be still” and also rebuked His disciples for their lack of faith. They made it to THE OTHER SIDE but what happened in THE MIDDLE of their journey helped them discover some important things about themselves and about their Master.

Friends, we are on a journey in life. The goal is to get to THE OTHER SIDE. THE OTHER SIDE is awesome and glorious, but right smack dab in THE MIDDLE of our journey we run into things that try to steal our peace and joy … storms and battles. I bet if we could interview the disciples on THE OTHER SIDE of the lake they would have admitted it was silly for them to get so disturbed about the storm they went through after seeing what Jesus was able to do using a simple rebuke from His lips. I have a feeling that when we get to the THE OTHER SIDE of where we’re going we will also be a little embarrassed about how worried and fretful we were while in THE MIDDLE of our journey here on Earth.

So, here’s your encouragement for today. You’re going to make it to THE OTHER SIDE! Don’t freak out about what’s happening in THE MIDDLE of the journey. When you get to THE OTHER SIDE everything that happened in THE MIDDLE will just be a fleeting memory.

No matter what happens to me in THE MIDDLE of my journey I won’t take my eyes off of Jesus … I won’t worry, fret, fear or “throw in the towel” because I know what awaits me on THE OTHER SIDE.

Revelation 21:4
And He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more nor mourning nor crying nor pain; they will be no more, because the former things [the things that happened in THE MIDDLE] have passed away.”


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