When my kids were preschool age I used to wrestle with them on our living room floor. Every once in a while I would “pin them” to the floor just to remind them that I was “the boss,” but most of the time I would let them beat me so they could know the thrill of victory. Unknowingly, I gave them a mistaken idea of the amount of strength I had. One night, my wife and I went out and had a friend babysit our kids. Evidently they asked her if she would wrestle with them and she agreed to do so. My friend didn’t know about my policy of letting the kids win so she wrestled with them for several minutes and always won each match. When the wrestling was over my son exclaimed to the babysitter, “Wow! You’re stronger than my dad!”

Funny story, but it leads me to this point. Do we realize how much God tempers His strength so He can be with us?! We pray, “Lord, touch me” not realizing that His touch could very well crush us if not tempered. We say, “Lord, breathe on me” forgetting that the breath of His nostrils parted the waters of the Red Sea. We say, “Lord, show us Your glory” not fathoming the truth of the scripture “No man can see Me and live.” We say, “Lord, fill my cup” not realizing that God has an ocean-sized basin from which to pour into our thimble-sized cup! No wonder David says “my cup overflows!” And perhaps this is the reason why God is called “More Than Enough, El Shaddai.” It is not because He is wasteful… it is because His strength is so much greater than what we ask for or need that His cut-off valve can’t be turned off quickly enough. Remember the feeding of the 5,000? 12 basketfuls of leftovers from 5 loaves of bread and two fish!

So the next time you’re in God’s presence, think of what a blessing it is to fellowship with your Father. As you enjoy His embrace, be careful not to say, “Hold me tighter, Lord!” HaHa!

Psalm 113:5-6 (NIV)
Who is like the LORD our God, Who is enthroned on high, Who humbles Himself to behold The things that are in heaven and in the earth?


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