In the late summer of 2015 I found a baby dove during my morning prayer walk, and decided to take him home and care for him. Raising an orphaned baby dove in a house with 2 bird-eating cats was an interesting challenge. The baby dove was sitting in a basket next to my computer while I was working one morning. One of our cats was in the house eating breakfast and let out a loud “Meow.” Immediately, the little bird’s head popped up from the basket as if to say, “What was that!” I looked at the baby bird and said, “That’s the voice of your enemy!” It lowered its head back down and eventually drifted back off to sleep. That little bird had no idea the amount of danger I had kept it from, and most likely didn’t connect the “voice” that he heard as being any kind of threat to him.

Just like that baby bird, we have no idea the amount of danger that God has kept us from as He has sheltered us from our hungry enemy. The Bible says that our enemy, the devil, goes around like a ROARING LION [making his voice known], seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Satan would like nothing better than to turn us into “lunch meat”, but if we are wise to the VOICE OF OUR ENEMY we can overcome him as we stay sheltered under the Shadow of the Almighty.

But, the question is: “Do we recognize the voice of our enemy?” When we hear him say, “Go ahead and do what God told you not to do”, and we follow his voice (just like Adam and Eve did) destruction is imminent. When we hear that voice whisper in our ear, “God can’t help you through this” or “This is a hopeless situation” do we understand that is our enemy trying to steal our faith in our Loving, Powerful Father? It is a voice that should be rebuked and quieted… not allowed to continue to speak… it should be resisted at all cost! It is the VOICE OF OUR ENEMY!

John 10:10 (NAS)
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.


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