Upon seeing one of my recent reflection shots, a friend commented, “How do you get the water to be so so still in your reflections?” That’s the whole key to a good reflection photograph … you have to wait until the wind dies down. If there’s any wind, it causes agitation in the water. Yes, if you want to have a good reflection, the water has to be completely still … and you have to be still, too.

I’m going to be honest. This morning when I woke up, I felt an agitation inside of me. It felt like God was a million miles away for some reason. Then I began to think back over this past week and realized how incredibly busy I’ve been. I’ve had no time for reflection, because I haven’t been still long enough. So, before I got out of bed, before I started my daily routine, before I allowed another thought into my head, I just laid there and took time to think about God, about His kingdom, and about my life. I TOOK TIME TO REFLECT. It’s impossible to have a quality time of reflection without being still … quite impossible.

And, that’s the reason why Psalm 46:10 says, “BE STILL and know that I am God.”


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