We’ve heard it o’er and o’er
That “Two plus two is four”
And there’s no other answer we can derive.
In attempts to make things “new”
What if they told you “Two plus two
Is no longer four… it is now five.”

Would you change what you believe
Even though you can’t conceive
How the answer could be anything but FOUR?
What if they labeled you a “hater”
And criticized, “Your way’s not greater!”
Would you cave-in to the pressure of their roar?

Would it be worth a fight
To ensure the answer’s right?
Would you say “four’s the answer,” no matter the cost?
For soon their “new-found knowledge”
Will be taught in schools and college
And to the whole next generation truth is lost.

Well, I hate to rock the boat
And I’d rather stay afloat
But there are some things with which I can’t agree.
I have a firm persuasion
That the answer to the equation
Forever will be FOUR… not FIVE or THREE.

Now, just like “two plus two”
The Bible speaks to me and you
With truths throughout the ages that survive.
So if even government
Says “Truth has changed” I won’t relent
I remember “two plus two is four… not five.”


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